Captive Audience

Just had the most awkward taxi ride of my life.

We were stuck in traffic and the driver started talking. Thought he just remarked on the traffic situation so I said nothing. Then his next remark sounded like a question so I said, “Huh?” He gestured, he was on the phone. As we’re stuck in traffic, I didn’t call him out for being on the phone while driving. 😩

I was daydreaming so I was not listening in on the conversation. I heard bits and pieces though, and I understood that the one at the other end is the wife/gf. They were talking ’bout a woman. He suddenly raised his voice, saying “She seduced me!” 😨

Oh crap. What the hell is this? How can I pretend to not listen? I can’t just suddenly pretend to be napping. Help! I’m stuck in a teleserye! 😁

He then proceeded to beg his wife for forgiveness all the way up the steep Rimando Road. I’ll say this about Baguio drivers, they’re skilled. Steep uphill na nga, intersection pa, nagsasalita pa sa cellphone. 💪

As we entered Honeymoon Rd, the confession reached the part when he went into details ’bout how the other woman seduced. He raised his palm to me, “Excuse me miss ha.” I said, “Cgue lang.” Crap.

He detailed how the “affair” started, how the girl texted her day and night, how she called him for help changing the light bulb in her bedroom, how she called again for help with her LPG tank, how she got out of the bathroom with just a towel. I almost laughed. This is like a cliche movie! 😂

He begged for forgiveness over and over again for sleeping with the woman, insisting he’s just a mere man, blaming her for seducing him. He talked in Baguio Ilocano but kept using the word “seduced”. What’s that in Ilocano anyway?

The conversation got heated, I assume coz I can only hear one side. He was almost yelling, and he pasimple wiped away his tears. I got worried that we might hit somebody in the crowded narrow uphill-downhill liko-liko Holy Ghost streets. Then again, Baguio drivers got mad skills. 😁

A few meters away from my destination, he put down the phone. Drama over. As I got out, he said, “Sorry miss ha.” I just mumbled and forced a smile. I was dying to take a look at his face and see if the seductress had good taste, but I didn’t. 😂

***I posted this on Facebook last year. It got a lot of attention from my friends. Some of them suggested that I start a blog. Now, I have! ❤



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