Sister’s Slam Dunk 2 ends. Goodbye, Unnies!


UNNIES ended the four-month long season with a bang! A lot of hearts are breaking, I’m sure. Mine did. I watched the last night episode last night after downloading the subtitled copy on Coolasian (thanks!). And man, tears fell fast and furious. I choked up particularly when Jinkyeong talked about how she became what she is today.

The college kids of Konkuk University in the audience laughed when she said she’ll talk about “True Knowledge”. Truth is, her image in the show is not particularly as a smart woman.

In a heartfelt “lecture” as she called it, she recalled how at a very young age, when other girls her age were studying, she was actually busy earning a living for her family. Jinkyung then talked about meeting people in the entertainment industry. She became friends with PDs, comedians, MCs, performers who were way older than her.  What she learned from them were on a different level than what someone learns at a school setting. She had a hard time as a tv personality, she considered it a sacrifice. But she got to learn a lot from various great teachers.

She then said this, which I found startlingly profound: “No matter where you are, no matter whom you meet, find things to learn from them for yourself.”

The college people in the audience, the millenials which compose Unnies’ fanbase, wore rapt expressions as she continued to counsel them like a true unni/noona.

“At a young age like yours, you need to have many different types of experiences. Have a lot of fun. No matter what is it, give it all you’ve got. Then one day, you’ll find yourself  a person who’s absolutely needed. A person who has to be there at a company dinner. Someone who’s absolutely needed in school clubs. Furthermore, someone who’s absolutely needed at work. That’s whom you’ll be.”

I was amazed at this. Jinkyeong is not my favorite among the Unnies. But I love her for her hilarious actions and statements. She is self-deprecating. She knows how to laugh at herself. But her outrageous self-confidence at times makes for huge laughs everytime. Her sense of humor complements Kim Sook’s, that’s why they really can be called the Classic Comedic Couple. But never in a million years did I expect something this serious from Jinkyeong. I love her all the more for it.

***This is part 1 of my tribute to Unnies. More to come!


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